Plymouth Community SchoolsThe Plymouth School Board unanimously and enthusiastically approved a request by PHS history teachers Ryan Wolfe and Melissa Faulstich to offer a European history tour in July, 2019. Wolfe said they want to offer a trip to Europe every two years so every high school student would have an opportunity to join.

Last year, they organized a World War II and the Western Front trip for 14 days and took 19 students to various historical sites.

According to Wolfe, they already have some 50 students who have expressed an interest in the 2019 trip. Faulstitch and Wolfe shared what they hope students can experience saying, “Our role as educators is to provide students with experiences that last a lifetime. Whether that be in the classroom or abroad. Students‘ lives are shaped every day. This may be the only opportunity some students have to travel abroad during their lifetime. It could also begin a passion for learning and a love for travel.”

They went on to say a part of their vision is to start a Travel Club which they are calling Adventurous Pilgrims. They plan to meet regularly during the school year to discuss places throughout the world with the possibility of taking short trips to local museums to learn about different parts of the world.

Carol Anders Correspondent