Senator Randy Head 2017Last week, the Republican Caucus announced their agenda for the 2018 legislative session.

State Senator Randy Head said, “Over the next two months, we will work to fight the drug epidemic, improve workforce development, support Indiana schools, reform civil forfeiture laws, and allow Sunday alcohol sales.”

To accomplish their goals, the following bills have been filed:

  • Senate Bill 221 would prevent opioid abuse by phasing in a requirement for doctors to check INSPECT, the state’s prescription-monitoring service, when prescribing opioids to a patient.
  • Senate Bill 50 would expand financial aid for job-training programs.
  • Senate Bill 172 would require high schools to offer computer science courses.
  • Senate Bill 189 would increase school funding to account for higher-than-expected enrollment.
  • Senate Bill 177 would adjust Indiana’s diploma system to make sure all high-school graduates are provided with a better, more effective pathway into college or the workforce.
  • Senate Bill 99 would reform Indiana’s civil forfeiture laws to better balance law-enforcement needs and property owners’ Constitutional rights.
  • Senate Bill 1 would act on the recommendation of the Alcohol Code Revision Commission to allow the carryout sale of alcohol on Sundays from noon to 8 p.m. in Indiana.

Senator Head said, “My colleagues and I will discuss, research and hear testimony on these bills, among many others, over the next few weeks.”

To stay up to date on each bill as it moves through the General Assembly, click here.