Michiana Balloon Rides LLC, a Hot Air Balloon Ride provider based in Plymouth Indiana, is looking to expand for the summer of 2018. Starting in June, Michiana Balloon Rides will double the amount of passengers it is able to take up on a flight with a new Hot Air Balloon.  This new balloon, built by Kubicek Balloons, will be able to carry four to five passengers at one time.  “We realized that there was a need for a larger balloon when we were booked solid every day for three months. We also had groups larger than two people who did not want to be split up into multiple balloons.” Michiana Balloon Rides owner Brian Kunze said.

Michiana Hot air balloons_basket doorOne feature of this new balloon that has business owner Brian Kunze excited is the basket door.  “Hot Air Balloon manufactures are coming around and realizing that doors in a wicker basket are a good thing.  On our old system passengers have to climb into the basket and for less agile passengers this is a problem.  With our new system, all I have to do is swing the door open and you can walk in, then we lock the door behind you and off we go.”

The increased capacity also means good things for events and parties.  “When we go to events, company outings, and private parties, we can now accommodate more people for tethered rides.  We can tie the balloon to a fixed spot and give 100-150 people a short ride in a two hour period, instead of the previous 45-60.  It will be great for those who want something different for their event or party.” Kunze adds.

Michiana Hot Air Balloons_dip in lakeWith the new balloon will come a new pricing structure for 2018.  Shared flights will be less expensive and will have riders paired up with others who want to fly.  Forty-Five minute to one hour flights will cost $225 per person. Those who want to reserve the basket to themselves can book a private flight. Private flights for two will be $649, three people $749, and four people $849.

Starting on Thanksgiving and running through the holidays Michiana Balloon rides will have special discounted rides for 2018 available at www.michianaballoonrides.com.

If you are interested in learning more please visit,  michianaballoonrides.com, the Michiana Balloon Rides Facebook page, or by calling 574-780-4560.