RepublicanBreakfast2017_Rokita SarberState Senator, Randy Head, and sitting Congressman, Todd Rokita, spoke to a full breakfast meeting of the Marshall County Republicans Thursday morning. As Congressman Rokita represents the 4th Congressional District of Indiana, and has been in that position since 2011. Head, who currently represents Indiana’s 18th Senate District, introduced the featured speaker while also giving an update on legislative work of the Indiana Senate.

Rokita is engaged in a primary battle to represent the Republican Party in the 2018 election for Indiana’s Senate seat. One of four candidates seeking the party’s nomination, Rokita spoke of his pledge to “Defeat the Elite” in our nation’s capital.He stressed the striking differences between Hoosier towns and a booming Washington D.C. While discussing that difference he vowed to represent the working class of Indiana and put their values before that of Washington D.C. He pledged to remain loyal to his constituents and serve in the best interests of Indiana, not in according to national political pressure.Rokita faces off in the primary coming in May 2018.

Head’s district encompasses portions of Marshall County and several other surrounding counties. He consistently is at the cutting edge of legislation out of the General Assembly. For the morning discussion Head spoke of several initiatives currently underway to further Marshall County’s position. Notably he spoke of meetings with the Indiana Department of Transportation to halt progress on the “J” turns currently under review by the DOT. Additionally, he is studying the impact of the opioid crisis on Indiana, how to be treat those addicted, and the best alternatives to stop future harm to the community.

RepublicanBreakfast2017_Rokita HolmesChairman of the Marshall County Republicans, David R. Holmes, was positive and supportive of the appearance of both elected officials. He was appreciative of Rokita’s attendance given the busy (and early) appearance schedule the Congressman maintains. Holmes stressed, regardless of which primary Republican candidate voters support, the importance of getting out and voting in the primary election. The party’s impact is largely a function of the turn-out received at the polls.