OQC_FillAStockingOperation Quiet Comfort is gearing up for their annual holiday stocking stuffer event on Saturday, October 28th.  This year they have a goal to send nearly 2,000 stocking filled with a beef stick & granola bar, hand and toe warmers, assorted seasonal goodies, a pair of white socks, a calling card and specially written holiday cards from OQC volunteers.

There is an urgent need for the holiday cards.  It was estimated they would need about 6,000 cards to pack in the holiday shipment.  Operation Quiet Comfort has found several hundred blank Christmas cards but they need a simple personal note from back home.

I you have a group of family, friends, co-workers who are willing to sign these cards, contact Jan Houin in Plymouth and she will get them to you if you are in the local area.  If you have Christmas cards to donate with that personal message already in it, you can drop them off at the WTCA Studios at 112 West Washington Street or A.S.K. for Flowers in downtown Plymouth.

If you are using your own cards, please remember, NO GLITTER and they are not to be in an envelope.  Deadline to send cards to Operation Quiet Comfort is October 21st. Volunteers are also needed for packing on October 28th from 10 until 3 at Ken & Jan Houin’s home at 17671 13th Road.

If you would like to support a holiday stocking, the cost is $10.  You can drop off a check to WTCA or A.S.K. for Flowers.