NewsThe Marshall County Council took the recommendation of Plymouth Mayor Mark Senter and nominated Tony Gamble to serve as their representative on Plymouth’s Economic Development Commission.

Monday morning Mayor Senter told the council, in the last 9 years his administration hasn’t used the Economic Development Commission and he had considered disbanding it but a couple of projects are on the horizon that can benefit from the commission.  Senter said the renovation project for City Hall and the new aquatics center and field house at the Zone can benefit through the financing structure for public private projects.

Mayor Senter said the other on the commission will be Jenny Sickmiller from the Plymouth Park Department and John Yadon who is an area manager with Reith Riley Construction.

Once reformed, the City has plans to put the commission to work on a bond sale for the renovation work in City Hall and Chamber of Commerce building with the assistance of the Redevelopment Authority.  The second project is one selected for funding by the Regional Cities Initiative.  The aquatics center adjacent to the LifePlex is part of the Marshall County Wellness Initiative along with the Fieldhouse.  The commission will sell bonds with the proceeds going to the not-for-profit entity that will construct and hold title to the aquatic center.  These bonds will be repaid through the Redevelopment Commission.