LJH_Class of 64 Tree PlantingThe tree at the corner of Liberty and Gibson streets, at Lincoln Junior High was known for its low branches and ease of climbing. The tree had become diseased and large parts of the tree were dead and deemed a hazard. The tree, and another close by were removed in December.

Thursday morning the Plymouth High School class of 1964 planted a replacement. Denny Bottorff, a member of the class of ’64, arranged to purchase a gingko tree from Price Nurseries.

“Everyone, the school system, Prices Nurseries, were easy to work with,” said Bottorff.

When asked if there was a reason for selecting a ginkgo tree Bottorff said, “Because they are so tough.” He explained that ginkgo trees are very easy to care for, they are extremely hardy. “Probably the only thing tougher than a gingko, is a Jr. High student,” Bottorff said.

While there was some sentiment to replace the tree with a similar tree to the one that was removed, the previous one in that location may have been diseased. If that was the reason it died, it is very possible that another of that species could become diseased from some of the roots that remain in the area.

Price Nurseries delivered the tree, several members of the class were on hand to help plant the tree and Bottorff will be caring for the tree for at least the first year.


Photo:  Helping plant the gingko tree at Lincoln Jr. High representing the class of ’64 from left to right are Denny Bottorff, Bill Ellinger, Irene Scobey and Phylis Hawley.


Provided by our news partners at the Pilot News; photo by Greg Hildebrand