On Tuesday, May 14th the Marshall County Election Board certified the May 7th Primary Election results. 

Steve Harper, chairman of the election board said 210 absentee ballots were mailed out and 182 were received back in the office by the deadline.  He explained that one ballot was rejected because the signatures did not match.  The travel board voted 106 individuals and 929 voters walked into the courthouse in Plymouth for early voting while 86 voters cast their ballots early in at the Pines in Bremen and 115 voted early in at the Culver School administration building for a total of 1,130 early in-person machine votes.

The certified number of votes cast on Primary Election Day on May 7th was 4,408.  The total number of certified votes for the Primary was 5,829.

Voter turnout was 20.01 percent with no provisional ballots being cast.

County Clerk Jenny Bennitt said she received some comments because they did not release any numbers as the polling sites were bringing in their tabulations. 

Harper said, “They all got here a once.”

Bennitt said, “We had our system.  We were making sure every I was dotted, and T crossed.  To me, to stop and give numbers, we didn’t feel that made sense.”    She said the first polling center arrived at 6:25 p.m. and the rest just followed along bing, bing, bing and they were done at 7:30. Bennitt said it just didn’t make sense to slow down the process to give the parties and media results.