Webster_JimJones2017Webster students and staff were treated to a convocation on Tuesday, March 7, about character education.

Jim “Basketball” Jones visited Webster Elementary to talk about “Three Pointers for Life”. Jim shared stories and basketball tricks with the students, along with several dance moves.

Students learned about the importance of not giving up when things are difficult. He explained how we all get better “with time and practice”. He addressed the importance of having a positive attitude and how a smile can make someone’s day.

Another lesson the students learned about was accepting responsibility for your actions, choices, and consequences, whether actions are positive or negative.

Jim spent a very fun-filled hour at Webster courtesy of the Webster Elementary School PTO. Principal Carrie McGuire said this is the second time Webster has had the privilege of having Jim “Basketball” Jones visit, his last visit however, was quite a few years ago.
To read more about Jim “Basketball” Jones visit the following website: http://jimbasketballjones.com/about.