Triton logoTriton Community School Corporation Superintendent Donna Burroughs is inviting all stakeholders in the Triton School Corporation to a community meeting on Monday and or Tuesday.

Burroughs said, “This is a follow-up meeting to the meeting Triton held three years ago.  Our intent is to keep our community aware of financial and educational issues that are facing Triton.”  Superintendent Burroughs said several area schools are looking at referendums, and she’s heard Triton citizens are wondering about the situation at Triton. Burroughs said, “The meeting on Monday, January 23rd  is at 7 p.m. and the Tuesday, January 25th meeting is at 1 p.m.  Burroughs said, “During these meetings we will update the community on our financial status.”

The Triton superintendent said there are some serious facility needs they would like to finance through a bond issue.  Burroughs said, “We’re looking at a new roof at the high school, new heating (HVAC) system at the elementary school, and serious repairs to the old Bourbon gym.”

There are various ways the school corporation could approach this, so they’re looking to the community for input since facility needs are addressed through local property taxes.