State NewsIn the next several days melting snow and rain, combined with widely varying temperatures, can contribute to hazardous conditions for Hoosiers. Various parts of the state will continue to see sub-zero wind chills, as well as the possibility of snow and ice.

Winter weather, especially ice, can cause power outages. Hoosiers should be prepared to take action should the power go out. Citizens should look up their electric utility’s outage reporting phone number and add it to their cell phone contact list.

Other ways to get ready include:

·         Charge cell phones, laptops and any other battery-operated accessories to ensure maximum battery life when without power.

·         Know where to go should the power go out. Identify a friend or family member’s house, or a nearby shelter or warming station that can be used. If none of these are available, identify the most insulated and interior room available and gather extra clothing, warm blankets and sleeping bags to help stay warm.

·         Prepare an emergency kit, including food and water for three days (includes three gallons of water per person, per day), a battery operated or hand crank all hazards radio, a flashlight and extra batteries and any other special items (baby formula, insulin, medications).

Winter Driving Safety

Those considering going out onto the roads are advised to check the weather forecast and travel conditions prior to leaving, and allow for extra travel time to account for the likelihood of ice accumulation. If traveling during inclement weather is necessary, make sure cell phones are fully charged and functioning. A vehicle preparedness kit is also strongly encouraged. Pack essential items such as high protein snacks, water, first aid kit, flashlight, warm blankets, extra prescription medications and important documents or information that might be needed during an emergency.

When traveling, always move over or pull to the side of the road for first responders.

Citizens that must travel should let someone know the planned route, expected time of arrival and contact information.

Before heading out, residents should check the Indiana County Travel Advisory Map at The map is updated with information from the county emergency management agencies and describes the conditions for a travel warning, watch, advisory and caution.

The Indiana Travel Advisory app is also available to download for iPhone ( in the App Store, and Android ( in the Google Play Store.


The app and online map are designed to provide citizens with county travel status updates and alerts directly to their mobile devices.


The app is meant to be used as part of a system to stay aware of changing travel conditions. Other sources include local news, travel, weather and social media sites and apps. For road updates, please visit or call 800-261-ROAD. DO NOT call local law enforcement or 9-1-1 for road information. These lines need to be left open for emergency calls.


For more winter weather preparedness information, visit