Election Results18,564 registered voters in Marshall County helped to elect candidates to federal, state and county seat during Tuesday’s presidential election. Voter turnout was 61.23%, less than a percent higher form the 2012 presidential election.

With 12 Vote centers in Marshall County the totals were in by 8:45.

There were a few issues.  Early on connectivity issues with the hotspots happened.  The issue was resolved fairly easily with members of the County Election Board and technicians spreading out across the county to change the settings in the poll pads.

At the end of the evening the Election Board had to work on a machine that wouldn’t tally and a tally card was left in another machine.  Both of these issues were resolved within a short time on election night.

Taking a quick look at the results for the local seats you find the incumbent for US Representative in District 2, Jackie Walorski was victorious over Lynn Coleman with 66% 6o 28% of the vote.

Tim Harman decided to not seek reelection noting he wanted to spend more time with his family and business.  Two candidates from Marshall County stepped up for the challenge with republican Jack Jordan from Bremen gathering 11,417 to Plymouth’s Michelle Livinghouse’s 5,858.

Taking a step closer to home, Republican Mike Delp Sr. threw his hat into the ring after finding out that Deb Griewank would not seek reelection.  Delp received 11,692 to Rex Crump’s 5,737.

The County Council At-Large-Seats were won by the three republicans: Penny Lukenbill,  Jim Masterson and incumbent Jon VanVactor.

A quick look at the school board races around the county….in Bremen District I saw Brian Teall with 1554 votes to Clarence Mark’s 882.  The Bremen At-large seat went to Jesse Bohannon who received 1,195 votes to Hope Jordan’s 1027 votes and Andrew Porter’s 540 votes.

The At-Large seat on the Plymouth School Board was a popular race with 5 candidates. Incumbent Larry Holloway will remain on the board with 3,021 votes.  The next closes candidate was Rich Cartwright with 1,068 followed by Corey Duncan with 1,012 votes, Geoffrey Scarberry with 805 votes and Geoffrey Payne with 569 votes.

The only other challenged race was for the Union North United School board seat in SB Union Township. The challenger Andren Balmer took 774  incumbent Dennis Graf’s 503 votes.

The Marshall County Election Board now has 10 days to certify the votes.