gregg_for_governorTuesday the Gregg for Governor Campaign announced that it will kick-off its “Moving Indiana Forward” bus tour this Saturday in Sandborn.  The tour will take John Gregg, Christina Hale and the statewide Democratic ticket to more than 50 communities across the state ending with a rally in Indianapolis the following weekend.

The tour kicks-off in Gregg’s hometown of Sandborn and will include rallies, visits to schools, local businesses, factory gates, shops and town squares. Superintendent Glenda Ritz, attorney general candidate Lorenzo Arredondo, Evan Bayh, Senator Joe Donnelly and former Congressman Baron Hill are expected to join for portions the tour. Congressional, Statehouse and local candidates will also participate in the various events.

Marshall County Democrat Chairman, Jim Smart is proud to announce that Plymouth is one of the planned stops.  The Marshall County Democratic Party will be holding a meet and greet with John Gregg on Friday, November 4th at Opie’s Deli in downtown Plymouth. John Gregg will meet with area voters from 9 to 9:45 and everyone is welcome.