HarrisonStreet_NO Parking_1Safety concerns with semi trucks and school busses is the reasoning for the NO PARKING BAN on West Harrison Street from North Michigan to Plum streets

This spring the city began trying various parking restrictions trying to make the intersection with Michigan and Harrison easier to maneuver.  Parking was restricted on Harrison from Michigan Street to the alley but that caused an issue for a homeowner on Michigan Street.  A single parking space was permitted but that caused issues between neighbors.

Several city council members have voiced their concerns with parking and traffic flow on Harrison from North Plum to Michigan so earlier this month the city notified property owners along Harrison of their proposal to implement NO PARKING along the entire section.

HarrisonStreet_NO Parking_2Last week only two individuals spoke on the ban, one in favor and one against.

Mike Miller and his wife Melody are in favor of the parking ban.  Living at the corner of North Walnut and Harrison Street for 22 years, the couple have seen an increase in parking on Harrison and said, “Since you’ve put up the street signs people have been parking along there now making it difficult for semis and busses to maneuver.”

Al McVey speaking on behalf of his mother-in-law who lives on Center Street asked, “If we make that no parking don’t we lose value of our property in relationship to other pieces of property in the neighborhood?”   Against the parking ban McVey said, “As far as having all the problems going on with the trucks and stuff like that, it is wide enough to widen the road.”  He suggested widening the road over several years so the cost wouldn’t be too excessive.

Council member Mike Delp felt widening the road would be an ideal solution, but knew funding a project would be a challenge.  Suggesting another option Delp said, “We can always make it no trucks in there,” indicating implementation of a truck route.

HarrisonStreet_NO Parking_3Councilman Jeff Houin felt creating a truck route might be complicated and questioned school busses on Harrison.  Plymouth school busses do pick up and drop offs on Harrison Street.  He felt the ideal solution would be to widen the street but knew funding would be an issue.  Houin then motioned to implement the NO PARKING BAN and Shiloh Fonseca seconded the motion.

Police Chief Bacon was supportive to the NO PARKING BAN also.

The Board of Public Works and Safety unanimously approved the NO PARKING BAN for the entire section of Harrison from Michigan to Plum.