Donnelly_Solvakia_1Lest, Slovakia — U.S. Senator Joe Donnelly joined the Adjutant General of Indiana Major General Courtney Carr and members of the Indiana National Guard Thursday for “Slovak Shield” — a joint, multinational military training exercise at the Lest Training Area in Slovakia.

Donnelly_Solvakia_2Donnelly, who serves as Ranking Member of the Armed Services Strategic Forces Subcommittee, said, “Indiana has a long and proud tradition of serving our country, and it was an honor to join Major General Carr in Slovakia and see our Indiana National Guard ‎at work in a major, multinational training exercise. It was a privilege to spend time with Hoosier servicemembers, as they continue to play an important strategic role in the security and stability of our European allies.”

Donnelly_Solvakia_3For more than 20 years, the Indiana National Guard has partnered with the Slovak Armed Forces as part of the National Guard’s State Partnership Program. As partner nations with NATO, the U.S. and Slovakia have an enduring strategic partnership and mutual interest in European security and stability.


Earlier this week Donnelly traveled to Ukraine and the nation of Georgia. In Georgia, he visited the renowned Lugar Center for Public Health Research and reviewed U.S.-supported security efforts to counter the threat of nuclear and biological terrorism. In Ukraine, Donnelly met with defense officials to reiterate American support for Ukrainian sovereignty in the face of an increasingly hostile Russia. During the trip, Donnelly recognized and highlighted this year’s 25th anniversary of the bipartisan Nunn-Lugar Act, named for former Senators Sam Nunn (D-GA) and Richard Lugar (R-IN). Originally targeted at countries of the former Soviet Union, the Nunn-Lugar program now supports counter-weapons of mass destruction efforts in nations around the globe.