Jenny SickmillerThe Plymouth School Board reluctantly accepted the resignation from the Board from Jenny Sickmiller. Sickmiller was appointed to the Board in April, 2014 to replace Gary Cook. Cook stepped down to accept a position in security with the school system

Sickmiller is moving out of District 3 and can no longer hold her current seat. The school corporation will now have 30 days to appoint a replacement. If they do not fill her seat, the Marshall County Circuit Court would make the decision. According to Superintendent, Daniel Tyree, they will have to appoint someone to the seat again in January of 2017.

Sickmiller said, “Resigning is bittersweet, I’ve really enjoyed serving on the Board and I’ve learned so much. However, right now the move we are making is the right one for our family.” She added, “I had every intention of serving on the school board for many more years. Who knows, maybe in the future when a seat becomes available, I will run for it.”

She indicated that the timing of the move, along with the deadline for filing to be on the ballot in November, was very “tricky”. She also expressed her apologies to her fellow Board members for any inconvenience that it has caused to replace her.

Sickmiller said that having young children in the PCSC was a motivating factor in her decision to apply when there was an opening. Her son Leo and daughter Marcy both attend Menominee Elementary. She said, “It is my hope that other parents who have school-age children will apply to fill my vacant position.”

She said, “I learned so much serving on the Board. There are many factors that I wish other people knew about how things really work.” “It is very easy for some people to complain over this or that especially with social media the way it is today. My wish is that those people would actually attend some meetings or at least ask a Board Member what the real story may be.” She added, “I wish more (public) would have contacted me to discuss issues that were important to them.”

“I took my vote and my position on the Board very, very seriously. If I ever had questions about items, I never hesitated to ask for clarification. I would also think of what other parents and teachers would think of the issues that came before the Board and the effects they might have.”  She said.

Sickmiller shared her appreciation for many who helped her transition to the Board and now her transition off the Board including Superintendent Tyree, Assistant Superintendent, Andy Hartley; PCSC  Business Manager /Treasurer, Kandi Tinkey; Board Attorney, Jeff Houin; and fellow Board members.

She said, “I am honored to have worked in the capacity of improving PCSC and its functions for our children and I am grateful for the opportunity to have served.”

Board President Todd Samuelson said, “It takes a special person to give their time and energy.” Superintendent Tyree said, “You’ve been a fine Board member.”

Carol Anders Correspondent