City Hall

The City of Plymouth will hold their regular meetings Monday evening beginning at 6 p.m. With the Board of Public Works and Safety.

The board will open bids for the 2016 Fall Street Sidewalk projects and department heads will give their reports. Also on the agenda is the request of Heartland Artists to close Michigan Street on October 1st for the Art Festival and a discussion on the Nancy Young alley issue near Dickman Street is on the agenda.

Board of Works members will also revisit the parking problems on Harrison Street near North Michigan Street.

The agenda for the Common Council meeting at 6:30 is full. A resolution to confirm the area where the Commerce building is is is an Economic Revitalization Area for the Pretzels Inc. tax abatement is first followed by a public hearing for the 2017 budget.

The Council will consider amending the Code of Ordinances concerning the Personnel Police on 2nd and 3rd reading and the City Attorney will present two ordinances for first reading: an Ordinance to add back-flow Prevention Standards for the protection of the Public Water System and the ordinance for appropriations and tax rates for 2017.

Viking Paper will be seeking a tax abatement and the council will consider a resolution declaring their property to be within an Economic Revitalization Area.

The City Council will also discuss the health insurance coverage for 2017.

The city meetings are open to the public but comments and questions are limited to agenda items only.