Marshall County Economic Development 2015 annual report

This week Jerry Chavez, Executive Director of the Marshall County Economic Development Corporation updated members of the Plymouth Redevelopment Commission with copies of the 2015 Annual Report.


MCEDC’s annual report not only addresses several initiatives the group participated in but details significant project undertaken by the County, City of Plymouth and towns in the county last year.


Marshall County approved a Tax Abatement for Faulkner Fabricating in Bourbon for a $1.5 million dollar business expansion that included the addition of 5 more employees. It also notes the opening of Veterans Parkway, establishment of the Marshall County Career Success Coalition and the success of receiving one of the Regional Cities Initiative.


Argos is moving forward with the development and installation of the $1.3 million dollar IMPA Solar Park and expansion of broadband. They also installed a $73,000 Splash Pad, funded a business facade improvement program and did an electric utility upgrade for Colonial Mobile Home park.


Bourbon increased their industrial land by 8 0 acres, established a Redevelopment commission and Tax Incremental Financing (TIF) District. $360,000 was spend on a water and sewer extension project and they conducted an income survey in preparation to develop a comprehensive plan.


Bremen’s focus in 2015 was oriented towards building and expanding public infrastructure. Rolling Meadows residential development with 53 homes and condos is moving ahead, a $4 million dollar new water plant investment and $1 million dollar electric substation build out. They also developed the Main Street program.


Infrastructure was big in Culver with the $1.7 million dollar water system expansion, $1.2 million dollar storm water improvements and launch of the housing development.

LaPaz businesses and residents worked together developing a new streets-cape and road improvement plan to revitalize the downtown. The also formed a committee to annex 100 acres of property at the intersection of US 6 and US 31.


Plymouth made may aesthetic improvement last year include new gateway signage, the addition of Freedom Park an all inclusive playground at Packard Woods and a downtown brick improvement project. The city saw the new emergency room at Saint Joe Hospital, major improvements at the airport and completion of the commerce building to attract new industry.


Chavez also reported to the Plymouth Redevelopment Commission that Pretzels Inc. purchased the Commerce Building. They have their state plans approved and are expected to meet with the City’s Technical Review Committee next month on the plans. He thanked the commission for their support of this economic development.