death-investigationThe Marshall County Sheriff’s Department confirmed Friday evening about 11:30 the death of 16 year old Rylan Clark of Plymouth.

Clark was reported missing durning the evening of September 15.  Police units along with assistance from the Plymouth Fire department searched for Rylan for several hours on Thursday with no luck.

Rylan was found unresponsive and had passed away in a wooded area on the city’s east side. He was located by Plymouth School Corporation Resource Officer, Ted Brown.

A sophomore at PHS, Rylan was a member of the Cross Country Team.

Daniel Tyree, superintendent of Plymouth Schools, commented on the loss. “Dealing with an untimely death of a student is difficult for everyone in our school community. We all want our students to graduate and enjoy all of the good things that we experienced after high school,”   he said. “We ask ourselves why but there isn’t an answer that makes sense. So we do our best to show other young men and women how great life is so something like this will never happen again.”

The school corporation made several changes to Friday night’s football game including a limited presence of the National Guard events, limited performance of the Pride of Plymouth Band and cancellation of the after game event.  Tyree said counselors were available for students.

The Marshall County Sheriff Department continues to investigate the case.  Anyone with information is asked to contact the Marshall County Sheriff Department.