Mrs. Stichter’s Honors Algebra 2 class at Triton Jr.-Sr. High School is studying Piecewise Functions.  They researched cell phone plans, graphed the functions, and discussed which plan might be best for a family of 5.

TritonHS_algII_2016Pictured at work are:  Breanna Riffey, Allie Ogle, Mindy Dreibelbis,


TritonHS_Wallpaper2016Ms. Stout’s Housing and Interior Design class at Triton Jr.-Sr. High School learned how to take down wall paper in class! Here are some of the students working on taking down wallpaper on Friday!

Left to Right are Hannah Borg, Rebecca Leeka, and Morgan Shively


TritonHS_blind lab2016Ms. Stout’s Foods classes at Triton Jr.-Sr. High School did a Blind Lab. One student wore a blind fold while their partner had to lead them around and assist them in the cooking process. The blind folded student had to measure the ingredients out while the other person gave instruction and handed items to the cook.  This was a trust lab filled with communication and laughter. It was a good lesson on trust and communication and led to understanding that reading the entire recipe makes a difference! Students made Gobbledy Gook (No Bake)!

Left to Right: Anthony Stevens, Kelsey Hamilton, Makayla Greenwalt, Skyla Wilson, and Sara Gomez