Road Closed High Water“Advisory” Level Travel Advisory will remain in place for today.

While the Marshall County Highway Department advises that only two roads remain closed due to flooding, the Advisory Level Travel Advisory will remain in place for Thursday.

The two roads closed in Marshall County are 5th Road between hawthorn and Grape and Rose Road between the Saint Joseph County Line and 1st Road.

Marshall County still has several others that are posted as “High Water.”  They include
6th Road west of Queen Road,
1B Road  at Oak Road,
6B Road and Union Road,
Oak Road at 3rd Road,
Oak Road north of 3B Road,
7th Road west of Union Road,
3B Road west of Tamarack Road,
Thorn Road north of US 6 and 1C Roads and
Tamarack Road north of 3B and 4B Roads.

The County Commissioners urge drivers to be aware of standing water on road ways and to not drive around barricades.