Road Closed High Water The “Advisory” Level travel advisory set in place on Tuesday by the Marshall County Commissioner will remain in place today. Several roads in the northwest area of the county remain closed today due to high water.

The Marshall County Highway Department will continue to monitor the situation and open roads when it is safe to do so. Roads that a currently closed include: 

Tamarack Rd North of US 6(Opened 8/17/16)

6th Rd West of Queen(Changed to High water 8/17/16

5th Rd between Hawthorn & Grape

3B West of Rose(Opened 8/17/16)

1B @ Oak Rd(Changed to High water 8/17/16)

Rose Rd between St. Jo Co. Line & 1st

6B & Union(Changed to High water 8/17/16)


High water warnings are placed on a number of county roadways including:

Oak Road at 3rd Road,

Queen west of 6th Road

Redwood Road between 3B & 2B

Union Road north of 3rd Road

2B at Sycamore Road

2B west of Quince Road

9B right at Starke County line

5th & Underwood Road

9B & Starke County line

Union & 6B 6th Road by the Swan Lake Golf Course

7th east of Union at the intersection

Redwood north of 1st Road

Queen Road between 1st and State Road 6

1st by the US 31 overpass

Oak Rd north of 3B

1st Road west of Pine

Sycamore north of 1st

Redwood south of the St. Joe County line

5th from Grape to Hawthorn

7th west of Union 

Redwood between 3B & 2B

3B west of Tamarack

Thorn north of US 6 & 1C

1st Road east of Queen

Queen north of 1st and

Tamarack north of 3B & 4B