Daniel StaufferAn Eagle Scout project a the Memorial Forest on State Road 17 will make things better for those wanting to experience the county’s park.


Daniel Stauffer appeared before the Marshall County Commissioners on Monday with a proposal to create a more inviting entrance off 14th Road, clean out the overgrown drive, pick up trash, create a parking area and install a fence to keep vehicular traffic off the walking paths.


Memorial Forest Trail HeadStauffer told the commissioner he would like to create a tail head market along with the project.


Stauffer is applying for a Community Foundation grant in the spring for assistance in funding the project and asked the commissioner if the County Highway could assist with the gravel for the parking area.


Commissioner Kurt Garner said the Memorial Forest is approaching its 75th Anniversary in 2017 while Commissioner Kevin Overmyer said, “We have 80 acres there that needs to be utilized more.”


Stauffer said, “A big part of this project is opening doors for future Boy Scout projects. By bringing Boy Scouts back here to work on this area we will be giving them ideas to keep improving the forest through future Eagle Scout projects.”


The commissioners approved the concept of the Eagle Scout project and asked Stauffer to work with Jason Peters fro the County Highway and Commissioner Garner.