school-board-meeting1The Plymouth School Board met in  regular session on May 3 . Although the meeting was short, only lasting 30 minutes, they were able to handle several agenda items.

Ken Olson, dean of students at Plymouth High School, and Jen Hirsch, principal at Riverside Intermediate, shared some of the changes that will be in the student handbooks for the 2016-2017 school year. Olson said they will be including examples of medications that student may carry for specific conditions such as Epi-Pens (Epinephrine auto-injector) . Epi-Pens are used to treat such conditions as asthma attacks and allergic reactions.

Olson also said attendance polices and tardy policies are listed in the revised handbooks.

The new policies will also allow elementary students as well as all other grade levels to take assigned electronic devises home all her. Olson explained that they are used for E-Learning Days when school is cancelled. Responding to a question from the Board, Superintendent Daniel Tyree said PHS Assistant Principal Kyle Coffman  is preparing a survey for staff and parents to see if there are suggestions for improvement for E-Learning Days.  Tyree said there has been some concern over having more than three days in a row of E-Learning.

It was noted that parents are still responsible for the loss of or damage to electronic devises supplied by the school corporation.

The Board voted 4-0 to allow temporary advancements from the Rainy Day Fund in the event that tax payments are not received on a timely basis. Board President Todd Samuelson was absent from the meeting. Advancement of $100,000 , if necessary, would be used to purchase bus replacements. It was noted that the bis purchase must be completed before June in order to receive a grant in the amount of $60,000.

An additional $500,000 advancement would be used for transportation if necessary.

Carol Anders Correspondent