GreenwayTrail_boardwalkCraig Hendrix from SEH appeared before the Plymouth Park Board on Monday evening with an amendment to the existing agreement for phase II of the Greenway Trail.

Hendrix explained that the project has run into a lot more engineering specifications than planned.

GreenwayTrail_Phase2Initially the project was a trail and bridge over the Yellow River and that project has morphed into a boardwalk project with a higher price tag.  INDOT has approved additional funds, initially the project had received $556,000 and Hendrix said Monday that funding had increased to $1.3 million.

SEH estimates the proposed project at $900,000 with the city’s commitment set at $263,000.

The additional contract presented last night was for $47,799 and includes geotechnical work, extra hydraulics, channel mitigation and land acquisition.

The Plymouth Park Board unanimously approved the amendment.  They also approved a LPA agreement for right of way acquisition on the Greenway Trail in the amount of $5,570.