Off-duty Glock 26Marshall County Sheriff Matt Hassel was granted approval to purchase Glock 26 Gen 4, 9 mm handguns as off-duty weapons for his merit officers during Monday’s County Commissioners meeting.

In his report to the commissioners Hassel said, “Recent tragic events have once again reminded the law-enforcement community here locally that violence has the potential to occur anywhere.”  He said incidents of active shooters had been isolated in the United States but now it’s more common happening in schools, churches, stores, restaurants and other places of business.

The sheriff said one tool is missing from the list of issued equipment to county law-enforcement officers, the off duty back-up firearm.  The Marshall County Sheriff’s Department has encouraged law enforcement officers to carry a concealed back-up firearm while off duty and providing this smaller size subcompact weapon will meet this function.

Three quotes were received for the companies with Steven R. Jenkins have the low quote of $7,854 for 22 handguns.

Sheriff Hassel will use the department’s firearms fund to purchase the weapons.