Ancilla_Golf_Flint_Water_1DONALDSON – With a water crisis in Flint, Michigan in the headlines a group of local athletes have decided to do something about it.


The golf team at Ancilla College put together a contribution to the relief of the people of Flint by taking 200 cases of water to the city.


“That’s a big part of being an athlete at Ancilla is service and we decided that we wanted to help people in need,” said Marc Green Ancilla Golf Coach. “You see everyday people, especially young kids – you want to do something to help in their time of need.”


It’s a crisis that hits close to home as the city of Flint is home to a fellow MCCAA member.


“That’s where Mott Community College is, one of our conference schools we meet up with all the time,” said Green. “That’s actually where we will be going to deliver the water. They’ll take it from there to get it where they need it the most.”


“At the beginning of the year Sister Judith talked to us about the need to find service projects that kids can see the results. It’s really easy to just write a check and send it. We were looking for an opportunity that our kids can see first hand the result of their efforts.”


Green says the idea of service to others is a big part of the athletic programs at Ancilla.


“We all do our own things but we all get involved with service opportunities,” said Green. “It’s important to know how fortunate you are to be a college athlete and see how much of a difference your service can make.”