Jana's_Kokomi_Silver 1st Place Team (2)Jana’s Gymnastics Silver and Gold Teams competed in the Cocoa All Star Classic in Kokomo on Sunday.  Both the Silver and Gold teams were able to beat out all the other teams and come home with 1st Place trophies.

Jana's_Kokomo_Gold 1st Place Team (1)Every team member met the requirements to compete in their State Championship in April.


Here are the results:


Jaelyn McGrath: Vault 8.4, Bars 8.9(4th), Beam 9.15(2nd), Floor 8.35, AA 34.8(5th)

Jersey Hunter: Vault 8.5(5th), Bars 9.2(1st), Beam 8.1, Floor 8.7, AA 34.5(6th)

Krista Lauck: Vault 8.5(5th), Bars 8.6(5th), Beam 8.2, Floor 8.75(5th), AA 34.05(7th)

Madison Ward: Vault 8.6(3rd), Bars 9.1(3rd), Beam 8.8(4th), Floor 8.85(4th), AA 35.35(3rd)

Abby Cameron: Vault 8.4, Bars 8.5, Beam 9.0(3rd), Floor 9.1(2nd), AA 35.0(4th)

Helen Guseilla: Vault 8.55(4th), Bars 7.7, Beam 7.85, Floor 8.15, AA 32.25(9th)

Kasi Harner: Vault 8.8(2nd), Bars 8.5, Beam 9.4(1st), Floor 9.0(3rd), AA 35.7(2nd)

Elizabeth Pugh: Vault 8.65, Bars 8.4, Beam 8.65, Floor 8.9(3rd), AA 34.6(6th)

Maddy Brouyette: Vault 8.2, Bars 8.5, Beam 8.65(5th), Floor 8.5, AA 33.85(8th)

Brooke Singleton: Vault 9.2(1st), Bars 8.2, Beam 9.1(2nd), Floor 9.05(1st), AA 35.55(2nd)

Erin McGrath: Vault 7.8, Bars 8.6, Beam 8.0, Floor 8.5, AA 32.9(7th)

Carissa Kulpa: Vault 8.7(4th), Bars 8.7(3rd), Beam 8.7(4th), Floor 8.8(4th), AA 34.9(4th)



Camryn Haskins: Vault 8.4, Bars 8.6(2nd), Beam 8.35(3rd), Floor 8.75(4th), AA 34.1(3rd)

Savannah Hissong: Vault 9.0(1st), Bars 8.55(3rd), Beam 8.4(2nd), Floor 8.85(2nd), AA 34.8(2nd)

Tessa Hutchinson: Vault 8.90(2nd), Bars 9.05(1st), Beam 8.65(1st), Floor 9.3(1st), AA 35.9(1st)

Dorothy Karris: Vault 8.75(8th), Bars 8.4(7th), Beam 8.05, Floor 9.35(4th), AA 34.55(8th)

Zoey France: Vault 8.8(4th), Bars 9.05(1st), Beam 9.1(3rd), Floor 9.05(6th), AA 36.0(3rd)

Klara Guseilla: Vault 8.1, Bars 7.6, Beam 8.2, Floor 8.35, AA 32.25(14th)

Kennedy Lauck: Vault 9.1(2nd), Bars 8.9(3rd), Beam 9.2(2nd), Floor 9.4(2nd), AA 36.6(2nd)

Claudia Marohn: Vault 9.2(1st), Bars 9.0(2nd), Beam 9.0(5th), Floor 9.45(1st), AA 36.65(1st)

Raven White: Vault 8.8(4th), Bars 8.3, Beam 8.2, Floor 9.4(2nd), AA 34.7(7th)

Caitlin Kulpa: Vault 8.6, Bars 8.6(6th), Beam 7.5, Floor 8.9(8th), AA 33.6(11th)

Katie Lauck: Vault 8.7, Bars 8.4(8th), Beam 7.4, Floor 8.75, AA 33.25(12th)


Pictured Are:

Silver 1st Place Team:  Row 1 – Abby Cameron, Jaelyn McGrath, Madison Ward, Jersey Hunter.  Row 2 – Carissa Kulpa, Kasi Harner, Brooke Singleton, Krista Lauck, Erin McGrath, Helen Guseilla, Maddy Brouyette, Elizabeth Pugh


Gold 1st Place Team:  Row 1 – Dorothy Karris, Klara Guseilla, Camryn Haskins, Savannah Hissong.  Row 2 – Caitlin Kulpa, Zoey France, Tessa Hutchinson, Claudia Marohn, Kennedy Lauck, Raven White, Katie Lauck.