927 Miner_1Last week members of the Plymouth Board of Zoning Appeals approve a variance of development standard for Merle and Leona Gibbons at 927 Miner Street in Plymouth.

927 Miner_2Represented by their contractor, Mr. Ringer, the proposal was to add 10 feet to the south of the existing garage structure making the attached garage 10 by 20.

927 Miner_3The Gibbons live at the corner of Miner and Hogarth Streets which creates two front yards for them.  The setback standard is 20 feet.  The 10 foot addition would make the front-yard setback on their side-yard at 4 feet.

927 Miner_4Plan consultant, Ralph Booker presented pictures from the site which shows an existing storage barn on the property sitting closer to the road than the proposed addition to the garage.

After a short discussion and no public comments the Plymouth BZA approved the variance stipulating the additional driveway must narrow down to the existing curb cut.