Triton_Trogens_logoThe Triton High School cafeteria has a new offering for students.

Starting Wednesday, October 28th, the THS cafeteria will be offering Annie’s Frozen Yogurt in the Ala Carte line.  Students will have a choice of a 4 ounce cone or bowl. The cost is $1.75 and the student must have money in their account before they will be allowed to purchase the frozen yogurt.

The Triton High School cafeteria will offer choices, Alaskan Vanilla with is 110 calories or Chocolate Chill which is 100 calories per serving. There are no topping and different flavors will be offered in the near future.

This yogurt meets all of the state and federal guidelines for being a Smart Snack.   The yogurt is Gluten Free and contains natural ingredients and non-fat Live Active Culture.

Superintendent Donna Burroughs said, “This new offering came as a result of our TSC Wellness Committee meeting last spring.”