Airport_runway_ribboncuttingTuesday evening Mayor Mark Senter cut the ribbon for the ceremonial opening of the new and improved Plymouth Municipal Airport Runway project.

Airport_runway_ribboncutting_2In May the Board of Aviation Commissioners and Mayor Senter held a groundbreaking ceremony for the $2.5 million improvement project that reconstructed and rehabbed the runway along with widening it from 60 feet to 75 feet.  The project also included a new runway lightening system and striping along with rebuilding the taxiways.

airport_runway_ribboncutting_3Just one year ago the Federal Aviation Administration awarded a $2.2 million grant to the Plymouth Airport for the project.  INDOT and the City of Plymouth each put in $126,805 bringing the entire project to $3.5 million.

Plymouth_Airport_buildingOriginally scheduled to be complete within 61 days the project took several weeks longer due to the wet summer weather.   It also caused Plymouth Sky Sports to relocate their skydiving operations and in August they asked to be released from their lease.