County Building_2The Marshall County Council will meet Monday morning at 9 a.m. in the second floor meeting room of the County Building.

The first order of business is the reorganization of the board.  Former Council president, Matt Hassel resigned his seat and position to accept election as Marshall County Sheriff.  The Council will need to select a new president.

Agenda items for council consideration include the request to waive the probationary pay for an employee with the Health Department.  County Assessor Debbie Dunning will request of transfer of funds and discuss personal property service fee and heritage barn application fee.


Superior Court II, Judge Dean Colvin will discuss the Law Clerk position and the Personnel Committee will make their recommendation on the 1st Deputy position in the Recorder’s Office, the duties and pay for Victim Assistance Coordinator, and in Superior Court II the Deputy Clerk or the civil and the criminal division.


Also on the agenda are additional appropriation and transfer requests, the 2016 Budget Adoption, Salary Ordinance and 2016 Council meeting schedule.


The Council meeting is open to the public but comments and questions are limited to the first order of business.