Norwayne_3Tuesday evening the Plymouth Board of Zoning Appeals approved a variance of use that will allow the NPR Group to apply for a grant to develop a four building, 80 unit multi-family development at the former site of Norwayne Lumber at 700 West Jefferson Street.

The site is currently made up of four individual lots.  City Planning Consultant Ralph Booker recommended requiring the NPR Group to replat the property into on single lot if they are successful in the obtaining the grant.

A representative from NPR Group said their company has developments in 13 states including several in Indiana and Ohio.  They have 20,000 units around the country and they act as the management company for more than 12,000 units.

The proposal for the Plymouth development not only includes four buildings but a clubhouse that will have a fitness center, laundry facility, library and community room.  The development will have 24 – one bedroom apartments, 32 – two bedroom apartments and 24 – three bedroom apartments.  The investment in the community is more than $11,000,000.

Several neighbors spoke against the project.  Bob Clark who lives across the street asked the Plan Commission not to make a hasty decision.  He asked them to consider the apartment complex across the street and the condition it is in.  He also doesn’t like the idea of tax dollars supplementing the project.  Clark also cautioned about “warehousing people” saying it’s a “recipe for problems.”

Justin Haines, a neighbor who’s property butts up to the development has concern with water runoff.  He told the Plan Commission water has been flowing on to his yard and in his garage.  Haines also referenced the Park Jefferson Apartment that were built in the early 70’s and feared this development might end up the same way.

Howard Gibbs has concerns with the population density and traffic.  He spoke of the number of vehicle that will be entering and exiting the complex.

Becky Atkins, another neighbor said she understand the need for a housing development like this but didn’t feel the proposed site was correct. She too was concerned with all the additional traffic.

The rep from NPR said they have a strict residential selection criterion that includes a credit check, criminal background search and landlord reverences.  She also said they hire a professional landscaping company to keep the complex looking nice.

If NPR is successful in obtaining the grant which is due in November, construction would begin late fall 2016 with completion by November 2017.