School_count_dayThe Plymouth School Board heard a short report at their October 6 meeting on the enrollment for the schools. The enrollment of 3,665 is based on the official count day in September that is mandated by the state. The number of students enrolled is used by the state to determine the financial contribution to school corporations.

According to Assistant Superintendent Andy Hartley, the enrollment at this time last year was 3,737. Hartley indicated that two factors that may have  lowered the enrollment include a large graduating class this spring and a smaller kindergarten enrollment this year. There are currently 225 Enrolled in kindergarten. The largest class is grade 9 with 304  students.

The current enrollment figure includes students who are enrolled from out of the school district. The Plymouth School Corporation does receive a per child reimbursement for those students. However, prior to the meeting Superintendent Daniel Tyree said allowing out of district students gives parents a way to meet the particular needs of their children. Tyree said,” we asked parents why they choose Plymouth Schools and most say it is because of the curricular and extracurricular choices that Plymouth offers compared to other schools in the area.” The Board had established caps to the number of students that could be accepted from out of district. Tyree said they are not over the limit at any grade level.

There will be a second count day in February. State reimbursement would be altered if there are more or fewer students enrolled.

Carol Anders Correspondent