Prevent Child Abuse INdianaMore than 30 individuals from all walks of life attended the informational meeting of Prevent Child Abuse Indiana at the Plymouth Public Library Monday afternoon.

Mary Armstrong Smith, Director of Prevent Child Abuse Indiana was on hand to give a brief history of the prevention movement and an explanation of the program that is “dedicated to preventing child abuse and neglect.  Our commitment is to make Indiana a better, safer place for Indiana’s most precious resources, our children.”

Smith said, “With strong support of volunteers throughout the state, we work together to increase awareness of the problem and inform communities of solutions.”  Prevent Child Abuse Indiana serves as a valuable resource for families, individuals and organizations, advocate for expanded and improved programs and policies to prevent child abuse and fosters a statewide network committed to child abuse prevention.

Without hesitation many of those on hand were ready to take the next step in starting a Prevention Council in our county.  A Community Forum meeting will be setup with an evening meeting in the Commissioner’s room in the County Building later this month or early next month.  Following the meeting participants will be asked to fill out a slip with contact information for the next step of creating the council.

The one thing that Smith said was, “abuse and neglect are preventable if everyone gets involved.”

Stay tuned to WTCA because we will let everyone know when the Community Form meeting is scheduled.