The warmer weather brings out a host of drivers using golf carts as transportation throughout Marshall County.

The City of Plymouth does allow golf carts to be driven on streets and alleys but there are rules that operators must follow.

The definition of a golf cart is a 4-wheeled motor vehicle originally and specifically designed and intended to transport 1 or more individuals and golf clubs to play the game of golf on a golf course.

In the City of Plymouth, a golf cart shall at all times display either a slow-moving vehicle emblem or a red or amber flashing lamp per Indiana Code.

A golf cart operated on the streets and alleys of the City of Plymouth shall always be operated by an individual who possesses a valid state-issued driver’s license.

It should also be noted that golf carts are not permitted on state roads. Michigan Street from LaPorte Street north to U.S. 30 is State Road 17, so golf carts are not permitted on Michigan Street.

The owners of the golf cart must have proof of financial responsibility in effect on the golf cart at all times. Financial responsibility shall be per the Indiana Code. The state-required minimum amount of financial responsibility for the operation of the golf cart is $25,000 for bodily injury to or the death of 1 individual; fifty thousand dollars for bodily injury to or the death of 2 or more individuals in any 1 accident; and ten thousand dollars for damage to or the destruction of property in 1 accident.

Violators shall be punished by a fine of $100 for the first offense and $250 for a second violation within a calendar year.  The third violation shall not exceed $2.500.