PinkCadillac_1Cadillac has enjoyed a mutually beneficial partnership with Mary Kay, Inc. since 1969.

PinkCadillac_2Founder Mary Kay Ash was a big believer in rewarding top independent sales force members with cars, dream vacations, diamonds and other lavish items she often referred to as “Cinderella gifts.” Among these, the most iconic and sought-after symbol of an independent sales force member’s success is the Mary Kay Pink Cadillac.

PinkCadillac_3Cadillac represents a reward for one’s efforts and, ultimately, for their success. In this case, Andrea Barts’ success is measured by her sales performance. It is her and her team’s sales performance that Andrea to earned the use of a new Cadillac… an iconic and global symbol of success.

Congratulations Andrea on your incredible achievement. On behalf of everyone at Cadillac, at General Motors, and here at Country Auto Center, Enjoy the ride!

Andrea Barts lives in Rochester.

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