City NEwsMonday evening the Plymouth Common Council passed a resolution writing-off delinquent and non-collectible bills for city water, waste water, garbage and storm water customer bills.

The total written off was $1,773.54 from 27 different accounts dating back to 2014.   Collection rates for the various departments did range from 99.853% up to 99.975%.

Another resolution approved by the City County was for the transfer of funds in the city’s engineering department from Capitol Outlays equipment line item to the office supplies line item.  The transfer of $3,510 will allow City Engineer, Rick Gaul to purchase software with a service agreement.  The software studies vehicle turn movements in design phase of roadway projects.

Councilman Mike Delp said, “I am glad that Rick is getting this program.  We’ve had several problems and taking this step will help the engineer check those movements so we don’t have future issues.”

The third resolution approved on Monday was for a transfer of $17,000 in the Aviation Fund from the engineering line item to the equipment line item.  Airport Manager Dave Lattimer said they have been using a 1958 Clark tow-motor to move aircraft around at the airport.  He said, “In the last 9 months we’ve had several issues with it and it’s an ongoing issue at this point.  We need to improve our vehicle used to move aircraft around.”  He suggesting looking for something that can move the bigger aircraft around, possibly something like a John Deere 4-wheel drive Gator.