Daisy & John Oliver_john & sistersMore than 100 people attended the Blessing and Dedication of the Daisy and John L. Oliver Emergency Center at Saint Joseph Health Systems in Plymouth Thursday afternoon.

John Zeglis, Chairman of the hospital’s board of directors said, “We are here to dedicate and bless this important new addition to our community.   A hugely expanded and muchly improved emergency room which wasn’t even begun as recently as 18 months ago.”

Daisy & John Oliver_plaqueAt a cost of almost $9 million dollars, Zeglis said, “That 9 million was enough to make us good, but to be the best we needed another 1 million dollars for the extras to set us apart from the rest.”  To raise the additional funds the hospital went to the community.  Against a goal of $1 million over a 4 year period Zeglis said, “Boy did the community respond.  Today we sit here at 18 months with a total of $1.2 million.”

Daisy & JOhn Oliver_kidsThe theme of Thursday dedication was the dedicated staff that runs the hospital.  Loretta Schmidt, President of SJHS in Plymouth wrote a tribute to all those who make the Plymouth hospital work so wonderfully.  Her tribute was titled “You Matter” and she included everyone from the doctors and nurses to the dietary staff and housekeeping to the IT technicians and the maintenance staff.

Daisy & John Oliver_JohnMr. Zeglis then introduced John J. Oliver, the son of Daisy and John L. Oliver.  John gave a brief story of his parents.  His dad was a coal miner in New Castle England and his mother stayed at home caring for John and his two sisters, Mary and Jean.  After much consideration and encouragement by John’s sister Mary who had married an American service man and moved to Salt Lake City the family decided to immigrate to the US about the same time the Beatles did.  His parents were wanting for better opportunities for their children.

After working as a nurse’s aide John’s mother Daisy received a scholarship and earned her nursing degree and was a dedicated nurse serving those in need until her death.

This facility was dedicated to the honor John Oliver’s parents for their sacrifices and dreams.

During his comments John Oliver did indicated there is more to come but he didn’t elaborate about it.

Daisy & John Oliver_grandkidsAfter the blessing by Father John Korcsmar from St. Michael’s Church John Oliver and John Zeglis unveiled a dedication plaque in the enter ace hall to the new ER.

The new ER now offers 13 private patient rooms, a triage area, larger waiting room and even its own x-ray space.

Daisy & John Oliver_refreshmentsFollowing the dedication and blessing everyone had the opportunity to tour the new facility and enjoy delicious refreshment made by the hospital’s dietary staff.