Triton_Football Friday readOn Friday, September 11th, Triton High School student and member of the football team, Adam Stevens, visited Ms. Cami Painton’s fourth grade class at Triton Elementary School and spent some time reading to the class and playing math games. They were having Football Friday!

Triton_Spetmeber 11 2015In honor of September 11, students in Mrs. Brosman’s fifth grade class took time out to read about and discuss the significance of the day. These students were not even born yet, and many did not even know about the impact of that day on American history. In preparation, students became investigative journalists and interviewed parents and other family members who remembered that fateful day. They were all amazed that everyone could tell them exactly where they were and what they were doing when they found out about the terrorist attacks.  Students researched news articles, movie clips, and eyewitness accounts to discover what impact this event had on our country. Through their research and class discussion students began to understand why this day will forever be etched into our minds and hearts. Pictured are: Cheyenne Young, Chandler Westafer, Brayden Cunningham, and Keegan Best.

Triton_Vet 2015On Monday, September 14th Dr. Leeper, from the Bourbon Veterinary Clinic, came to visit the third graders at Triton Elementary School.  Students have been learning about different types of communities with a specific emphasis on rural communities and dairy farms.  Learners have studied the goods and services provided by dairy farms, nutritional benefits of dairy products, parts of a cow, and about how cows can also help create electricity.  Dr. Leeper did a great job at showing kids about what academics it takes to become a veterinarian and about the tools that he needs to use on a daily basis to help animals and farmers.  Triton kids enjoyed seeing how Dr. Leeper’s career fits into our community.

Beth Styers, from Teachers Credit Union presented a check for $1000 to Triton Jr.-Sr. High School Principal, Bob Ross.  The money is used to purchase incentives like e-readers, t-shirts and such for the reading club program at Triton Jr.-Sr. High School.