River Park Square_entryThe Plymouth Redevelopment Commission finally closed out the River Park Square project in TIF #2 this week.

There is still an issue with the trees and seeding in RPS but the city’s Urban Forestry and Flower Committee decided to keep the trees that were already replaced once and are still in a questionable condition.  The city’s arborist will trim the trees back with hope and anticipation that they will survive the winter, bud in the spring and grow.

Mike Reese from the Troyer Group and Mike Chapman from Michiana Contracting negotiated with the City of Plymouth and it was determined the $500 retainer the city had left on the project will stay with the city in case they need to replace a tree or two in the spring.

Staying in TIF #2, City Attorney Sean Surrisi said the company that was interested in the four story residential development in the South Gateway is moving forward with their project but on the Norwayne Lumber property.

The redevelopment commission is hoping the initial company that proposed a townhouse project with some ground floor retail will continue to show interest in the project or another developer.  The South Gateway property is “prime real-estate” in Plymouth.