PrintIt’s taken nine years for the Menominee Elementary PTO to raise the needed funds to purchase playground equipment that all children can access, but Thursday marked the culmination of their efforts. Principal Steven Boyer said, “Menominee’s new handicap-accessible playground is finished, and students began enjoying it on Thursday Sept. 3.”

When the school opened in 2006, there was no playground and they have been adding equipment in intervals. However, the ultimate goal has always been to have it fully accessible to all students.

Menominee_Playground_kid runningBoyer pointed out the how playgrounds help to meet the needs of students. He said, “Social interaction and physical play are important part of childhood development. Everyone is excited that we are able to offer our students an accessible and engaging structure.”

He was also quick to share his appreciation for all the efforts put into the project. Boyer said, “Menominee is so grateful to the PTO for raising money, the community for providing support, and Dave Schoof, Facilities Director and Dan Tyree, Superintendent for funding the groundwork to ensure the structure met corporation guidelines and was properly funded.”

Menominee_Playground_kid slideBoyer explained that all the work put into the project was reflected  in the faces of kids. He said, “The joy and excitement expressed by students as they ran to the playground on Thursday morning was priceless and exactly why the Menominee PTO and Plymouth Corporation invested so much into the fundraising and construction efforts.”

Menominee_Playground_kid climbingA formal ceremony to show the playground to the public will be announced once the PTO members meet next week to finalize the details.


Carol Anders Correspondent