CMA2015_Adam Heckaman (1)CULVER – Culver Academies began its 121st year Monday by welcoming 236 new students at the traditional Matriculation Ceremony followed by the Opening Convocation. Classes for the 811 students enrolled began Tuesday.

Those new students included Plymouth residents Adam Heckaman, Michelle Heckaman, and Tyler Voreis. The Heckaman twins are the children of Troy and Jennifer Heckaman. Voreis is the son of Ryan and Leslie Arvesen of Plymouth and William Voreis of Argos.

There are 472 boys enrolled in Culver Military Academy and 339 girls enrolled in Culver Girls Academy. They represent 24 countries, 39 states, and the District of Columbia.

CMA2015_Michelle HeckamanAt the Matriculation Ceremony each new student walked through the Logansport Gate and was welcomed by the Head of Schools John Buxton and his wife, Pam Buxton, CGA Dean Lynn Rasch, CMA Commandant Capt. Mike Neller, CGA Senior Prefect Meranda Ma (Geneva, Ill.) and CMA Regimental Commander Jacob Kanak (Marshall, Wis.).

A campus landmark, Logansport Gate was a gift in 1914 from the city of Logansport in gratitude for the rescue efforts provided by the Culver cadets during the flood of 1913. Passing through the gate represents the beginning of each boy and girl’s Culver experience. They will end their Culver experience by walking through The Iron Gate (CMA) or Graduation Arch (CGA) during commencement.

In March 1913, Logansport city officials called upon Culver Military Academy to help rescue residents trapped by the flooded Eel and Wabash rivers. Culver sent a total of 60 cadets, 45 of whom were experienced in handling the summer Naval School’s 28-foot cutters, to take approximately 1,500 people to safety, many of whom were stranded on rooftops and second stories.

CMA2015_Tyler Voreis2Following matriculation, students, faculty, and staff gathered for the Opening Convocation in Eppley Auditorium. In his remarks, Head of School John Buxton talked about commitment strategies.

“As prospective or returning students and as faculty and staff, we believe in the Culver model, the philosophy of being our best selves and partnering with an organization that stands for something,” Buxton said. “In return for doing things the Culver way, we expect to be rewarded with something of value: a better education, a chance to improve professionally, more opportunities for success in life, or a more deeply engrained and stronger character.”

“If we are successful, maybe another 100 years from now people will be telling the story of the amazing year of 2015-’16 and using it as the example of the way life at Culver is supposed to be.”

CAPTION: Three children of Plymouth residents are among the 236 new students enrolled for 2015-16 at Culver Academies. Siblings Adam Heckaman and Michelle Heckaman are the children of Troy and Jennifer Heckaman. Freshman Tyler Voreis is the son of Ryan and Leslie Arvesen of Plymouth and William Voreis of Argos. Photos by Academies Communications Office.