meth_labMeth labs in Marshall County have been on the decline for several years.   Since 2009 when Marshall County has 83 labs seized putting the county at number two across the state, that number has been going down.  In fact, for the past two years our county hasn’t even made the top ten.

In 2010 there were a total of 53 labs seized which ranked Marshall County 6th in the state.  In 2011 we tied with Howard County for 9th in the state with 41 labs and in 2012 we stayed consistent with 42 labs and a 9th place ranking.

The 2013 figures provided by the Indiana State Police show Marshall County with 33 seized meth labs and for the first time in several years we dropped out of the top ten list.  The number for 2014 continues to show a reduction with our county only having 27 labs seized and again out of the top ten.