2016 BudgetMembers of the Plymouth City Council will consider the 2016 salary ordinance at their meeting on Monday evening.  Mayor Senter has requested a 2% across the board salary increase for employees and elected officials next year.

Looking at the Salary ordinance department heads pay includes $81,564.24 for the City Engineer; $53,323.44 Building Commissioner; $86,970.48 City Attorney; $60,260.40 Police Chief and $51,916.80 for Assistant Chief;  Fire Chief $60,260.40; Park Superintendent $55,041.60; Cemetery Superintendent $53,323.92; Street Superintendent $55,041.60; Airport Manager $45,800; Utility Superintendent $84,437.28

Elected officials will also receive a 2% raise in 2016.  Next year there will be 7 city council members instead who will share $66,602 while Mayor Senter is paid $19,365 in the Mayor’s budget the Water Department budget and Waste Water for a total of $58,095.   Plymouth’s Clerk Treasurer’s salary is $20,420 in her budget plus another $20,420 in the Water Department budget and Waste Water for a total of $61,260.

The City Council is expected to approve a resolution allowing for the transfer of funds from the City Development Fund to the FEMA Garro Street project fund and provides for a reimbursement from the FEMA Garro Street project to the City Properties and Maintenance Fund.  A second resolution will create the Tennis Court Project Fund.

The Board of Public Works and Safety meets at 6 p.m. with an agenda that includes reports from department heads, approval of the memorandum of understanding between the Police Department and the Plymouth School Board for the School Resource Officer.

Also on the agenda are the requests from Autism Resources of Marshal County, Kem McFarling Flooding & Pollution and Amme Girten.

Both meetings are held in the Council Chambers of City Hall and the public is welcome to comment or question agenda items only.