4/16/14 Each month Plymouth Mayor Mark Senter is highlighting one of the city’s ordinances. The April City Ordinance being highlighted deals with an illegal parking issue that happens on a regular basis.

Senter said, “One of my pet peeves as I drive around the City of Plymouth is to see vehicles that are parked on the wrong side of the street.  If you cross into the opposite lane and park with your driver’s door nearest to the curb you are violating a city ordinance.  And it’s not just Plymouth that has that law on its books.”  Most cities and towns throughout the State of Indiana have similar ordinances that are being enforced as well.  Ordinance 71.13 that was passed in 1998 and states:

 (A) No vehicle shall be parked with the left side of such vehicle next to the curb.

(B) It shall be unlawful to park any vehicle in a street other than parallel with the curb and with the 2 right wheels of the vehicle within 18 inches of the regularly established curb line, except that upon those streets that have been marked for angle parking, vehicles shall be parked at the angle to the curb indicated by such marks.

(C) The fact that an automobile which is parked in violation of this section is registered in the name of a person or persons shall be considered prima facie proof that the registered owner was in control of the automobile at the time of the illegal parking. This presumption is rebuttable.

The fine for parking the wrong way on a street is $25.  Other parking violations include parking on the sidewalk or in a crosswalk $10, parking on the terrace $10, parking in an alley $10, overnight parking $25, double parking $20, parking in a loading zone $10 and parking in a prohibited area or restricted zone $10.

The Plymouth Police Department’s code enforcement officers will be concentrating on this offense this summer.  Warnings will be issued first and a second violation will be a citation.