04/15/14  On Friday, April 11th at 7:28 A.M. Plymouth Police Officer Derek Workman conducted a traffic stop at Novelty and Center Streets on 44 year old Shawn Michael Hoogerhyde of Plymouth. During the traffic stop it was discovered that Hoogerhyde was Driving While Suspended with a prior charge.   He was taken to the Marshall County Jail and held on a $1,505 bond. Hoogerhyde was released later that night at 6:30 P.M. after posting bond.  He is scheduled to appear in Superior Court II on May 27th.  

At 9:20 A.M. Officer Workman located and arrested 24 year old Cory Possinger at his residence, 437 Charles Street in Plymouth on an active warrant for Failure to Appear on a Civil Case.  Possinger was also found to have an active warrant out of Elkhart.  He was transported to the County Jail and held on a $230 bond and with a hold for Elkhart County.

Later Friday at 12:28 P.M. Officer Workman served a warrant at the residence of 53 year old Paul Davis, 515 North Plum Street. f Mr. Davis was arrested on a warrant through Marshall County for Failure to Appear on a Civil Case. He was transported to the Jail and held on a $500 bond. He was released a short time later that day at 1:40 P.M. after posting bond.  

Readers are reminded that charging information supported by an affidavit of probable cause is a mere allegation that a crime has been committed and that there is only probable cause to believe a crime has been committed. They are presumed innocent throughout the proceedings and are entitled to be represented by counsel and entitled to a trial by jury at which the State is obligated to provide proof beyond a reasonable doubt before a judgment of guilt may be made.