10/12/13 The Plymouth School Board Approved a number of agenda items during three meetings on September 10.

The Board ratified a two-year contract with Plymouth Educational Association (PEA). The contract is for the school years of 2013-2014. Laura Kruyer, PEA president, was at the meeting and concurred with Superintendent Daniel Tyree that the contract was approved by both the School Board members and PEA members . According to Tyree, the negotiations for the final contract were made in only three sessions. Tyree indicated that it might be the shortest time period that a final contract has been completed. The Board vote was 4-0. Board Secretary Melissa Christianson was absent from the meeting.

The Board approved a contract with Michiana Behavioral Healthcare as well. The total compensation for the services provided at the facility in connection with Plymouth students is $180,057. The fees are paid on a monthly basis from August until May of the following year. The total provides two full-time teachers and two full-time aides and a part-time secretary.

The Board held public hearings on the budget (General Fund,$24,748,774) for 2014. The budget is calculated on a calendar year as opposed to a school year. Although the proposed budget was passed by the Board, it will not take effect until after approval at the October 1 Board meeting, a ten day period for any remonstrance, and final approval from the DLGF (Department of Local Government Financing).

The Bus Replacement Fund budget was also approved at $1,413,972. Bus replacements are now on a 12-year cycle instead of a 10-year cycle that exited for many years.

The Capital Projects Fund request was set at $4,264,100.

The Board approved an Additional Bond Appropriation at a public hearing as well. The appropriation of $1,425,000 will be used for renovations and improvements of facilities, including safety and security concerns. The vote was 4-0-1 with Todd Samuelsson abstaining since he works for the accounting firm that has input into the matter.

The next regular Board meeting is set for October 1, 2013.

Carol Anders Correspondent