07/16/13 Monday morning County Surveyor Larry Fisher opened bids for the Logan Storm Drain during the County Drainage Board meeting. 

Three companies submitted sealed bids for the project that will include installation of approximately 3500 feet of storm sewer main, a jack ad bore of pipe under State Road 17 and on to Dixon Lake.  The project will help provide drainage for three retention ponds. 

Bids for the project were very close with Haskins Underground bidding $229,000; Thomas Excavating bid $239,368 and JD Excavating bid $259,940.   The drainage board took the bids under advisement and is expected to award the bid in the August meeting. 

In other business the Drainage Board motioned to accept Culver’s plans to realign a storm drain on the Berger property.  Culver Town Manager Dave Schoeff and Utilities Superintendent Bob Porter were on hand seeking approval to abandon the current easement on the existing tile. 

Drainage Board member Kevin Overmyer said they couldn’t vacate the easement until the new one was in place.  He said once the project was complete Schoeff can ask the drainage board to  vacate the old easement.