11/13/12  Jana’s Gymnastics competed in the Valparaiso Veteran’s Invitational Gymnastics Meet on Sunday.  Jana’s Silver, Gold and Platinum teams combined to win first place edging out 7 other teams.

Pictured are:

Sydni Weir, Megan Kersey, Klara Guseilla, Camryn Haskins, Kennedy Lauck, Sara Hunter, Kyla Heckaman, Lauren DeMont, Katie Lauck, Dorothy Karris and Kennedy Sopher.


Silver:  Camryn Haskins:  Vault 7.5, Bars 8.2, Beam 9.0, Floor 8.4, AA 33.1 (11th)

Dorothy Karris: Vault 7.85(4th), Bars 9.2(2nd), Beam 8.9, Floor 8.85 (3rd), AA 34.8(6th)

Klara Guseilla: Vault 7.4, Bars 9.0(4th), Beam 8.55, Floor 8.7(4th), AA 33.65(10th)

Sydni Weir: Vault 8.75(2nd), Bars 9.0(4th), Beam 9.4(1st), Floor 8.55, AA 35.7(2nd)

Kennedy Sopher: Vault 8.3(3rd), Bars 9.3(1st), Beam 9.3(3rd), Floor 8.6, AA 35.5(3rd)

Megan Kersey: Vault 8.2, Bars 8.9(6th), Beam 9.2(5th), Floor 8.65(6th), AA 34.95(5th)

Lauren DeMont: Vault 8.9(1st), Bars 9.1(3rd), Beam 9.4(1st), Floor 9.15(1st), AA 36.55(1st)

Gold:  Sara Hunter: Vault 8.4, Bars 8.2(6th), Beam 9.3(2nd), Floor 9.2(3rd), AA 35.1(4th)

Kennedy Lauck: Vault 8.9(2nd), Bars 9.0(2nd), Beam 8.6, Floor 9.35(1st), AA 35.85(2nd)

Katie Lauck: Vault 8.85(3rd), Bars 6.5, Beam 9.1(5th), Floor 8.45, AA 32.7(7th)

Platinum:  Kyla Heckaman: Vault 9.3(2nd), Bars 8.5, Beam 9.5(1st), Floor 9.25(2nd), AA 36.55(1st)